Examples of Our Work

Here are some examples of the work we have done for other customers.

Sample Consulting Analysis of Past Financials – 2 years – This client made numerous changes to their health plan after a thorough custom analysis was completed by Houston Benefit Service Inc. The client had no idea where his healthcare budget originated (Employer Side or Employee or Dependents), or where it was being spent. Additionally, the analysis uncovered three major areas where the client was hemorrhaging cash.


  • 1. The current vendor was not performing case management or keeping notes related to the cost of large dollar treatments.
  • 2. The current vendor was not controlling drug costs, which were trending up at an alarming rate. The client implemented a Brand Name Drug cost solution that included a Canadian Mail Order Pharmacy source for Brand Name Scripts.
  • 3. High cost claimants were hitting their out of pocket maximum early in the year resulting in unimpeded spending on unnecessary medical care after the plan’s out of pocket was reached. The plan switched to a Per Family Per Month Deductible that was much more affordable than high per year per person deductibles.
  • 4. The incumbent vendor’s plan had separate deductibles for network providers vs. non-network providers. This client chose to design a single, budgetable monthly deductible that was easy to understand.

Sample Benefit Sheet – Above Referenced Case

Sample Cash Flow Modeling Sheet – Self Funded at Different Specific Levels with Aggregating Specific Risk Transfer Model

Sample Predictive Analysis – This review was completed after approximately 18 months of monitoring to predict the cost increase at the upcoming renewal.

Sample Flash How to Read Your EOB – This was a short presentation made for a client who wanted to teach his clients how to read their EOB